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canal project regeneration

This dedicated archive of photos by Chris Jewell is a real treasure. During the regeneration period much of the Canal was closed to the public. This archive is a fascinating record for everyone to enjoy showing step by step months of work and development. Chris has been out in all weathers, used tons of film and clearly has an eye for a beautiful picture as well as giving us a brilliant permanent record. There are 445 photos in this album, and there may be one or two more. Note that not all are strictly in order but our album structure encourages you to click on an image and pan in or out, and search again, in order to explore the Regeneration Project, and to home in on what interests you most - ENJOY!

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Barkhouse Green - DrainageFolder
Barkhouse Green - Drainage
Barkhouse Green - WorkshopsFolder
Barkhouse Green - Workshops
Boat CompoundFolder
Boat Compound
Dredging - Falcon Bridge to Rodds BridgeFolder
Dredging - Falcon Bridge to Rodds Bridge
Helebridge - Towpath UnderpassFolder
Helebridge - Towpath Underpass
Helebridge AreaFolder
Helebridge Area
Lower Basin - Dredging and RepairsFolder
Lower Basin - Dredging and Repairs
Lower Wharf - ResurfaceFolder
Lower Wharf - Resurface
Marhamchurch Incline PlaneFolder
Marhamchurch Incline Plane
Overspill Car ParkFolder
Overspill Car Park
Reed CuttingFolder
Reed Cutting
Sea Lock - Remedial WorksFolder
Sea Lock - Remedial Works
TIC ExtensionFolder
TIC Extension
Towpath and Bank WorksFolder
Towpath and Bank Works
Towpath Realignment - Falcon BridgeFolder
Towpath Realignment - Falcon Bridge
Whalesborough  Farm BridgeFolder
Whalesborough Farm Bridge
Whalesborough LockFolder
Whalesborough Lock
Whalesborough Pound - DredgingFolder
Whalesborough Pound - Dredging
Whalesborough Weir - Fish PassFolder
Whalesborough Weir - Fish Pass
Rodds Bridge LockFolder
Rodds Bridge Lock